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Not until later in life ,I am 68 , did I realize ,we definitely are what we eat! My partner had switched to a plant based diet and not wanting to be left out I joined her journey. Her reason for the change ,was intelligence first of all , second was the knowledge of having had Cancer twice. Reassessing your life , values , exercise and what you eat becomes imperative .

Thank god, she didn't reassess partner value so I had time to quickly improve and change !

Chantal started exercising and cycling daily, adding weights and walking on top of that . Making her diet a strictly plant based diet made her feel better, which made me feel relieved.

I joined her journey! Almost immediately, my body felt better also. I became more fit and more happy with my exercise regime which I still do daily ,adding more as I improved my fitness. My life now is exercise and cycling ( indoor or outdoors depending on weather) every day. I can not imagine now not doing this daily. Honey, you look great and Hawaii suits you!!!!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 04, 2022

Beautiful and inspirational! This makes me want to live, eat, and move in more healthy ways.

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