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The C & C Connection

Updated: May 7, 2022

I have satisfactorily completed a course from a certified Department of Justice Instructor and have successfully demonstrated the requirements of The State of California Handgun Safety Certification!

Now that I have your attention !!!

I want to share with you photos of what I think are the most beautiful creatures in the world---Birds!!

Yes, you will see some photos of other creatures, my reasoning being simply because they are stunningly beautiful too!!

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1 comentário

Membro desconhecido
04 de jun. de 2022

WOW! I'm amazed by the fine detail of your little bug buddy! Exquisite photos. The strolling quail is delightful, but really I love them all. (Congrats also on the gun certificate...and please don't shoot, unless it's the camera, then please don't stop shooting and sharing!!) :-)

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