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Sailing on Cecilia-August 2021

Updated: May 14, 2022

The crew of 4 Pirates met as planned on Cecilia at dusk, the winds pushing southbound which is the way in Bellingham. A meticulous group , the speed and silence of the hull proved again what a powerful boat and crew. Every year ,these scurvy pirates meet for a week of sailing in the San Juans to share amazing meals, laughter and bird excursions. An extension of pirate heaven or living life however you want to , for one week!

Prior to setting sail ,the FOOD MARKET was on our Pirate Chefs mind (Chantal ), since food was essential. It was our main destination on land prior to setting sail. It is always helpful when you have a gourmet cook, whatever they cook it is always delicious. The four of us all had special jobs , I was the photographer for our trip and coffee maker every morning. Alison ,made sure everything in the navigation arena made our destinations accurate. Rob ,was the NSO, second in command, making sure our course was heading towards our appropriate destinations and we were on a safe course. We had fabulous weather the whole trip. Cecilia sailed like a dream and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and mystic.

There is nothing like being on a 32ft sailboat anchored off of Echo Bay and siping a glass of wine while the Sun is setting!

In the evening ,we would get on the dingy and motor around ECHO BAY to see the wildlife and its natural beauty. We viewed the beautiful starfish that you see through crystal clear water and the flight of the beautiful Pigeon Guillemots flying in to roost for the evening in Echo Bay with us.

The sad part has been the loss of limited wildlife as time has evolved. However, no matter what ,the privilege to Sail on Cecila and feel the open ocean for a moment in time is magical and our concerns melt away.

CHEF OF THE YEAR- Pirate Fletcher

Every year someone gets special recognition and this year it was Pirate Fletcher for her ability to make amazing meals every evening. They were all different and all were exceptional. Laughter filled our evenings with experiences of the day or past sailing adventures on Cecilia that we reminisced.

This year , in June 2022, we will be heading up to Bellingham again . I know we will have a few tales to tell about our scurvy crew sailing into the sunset with the full blown sails of Cecilia!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 04, 2022

I can't wait for the blog and photos after Season 2022! SPOILER - I heard a rumor there's a new NSO on the seas?!? Please share more ASAP. When will this be on Netflix? Sincerely, A Seattle Fan.

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